IT Incubators on

14 03 2012

There are aspects in our lives, especially in our future creations, that cannot be accessed by basic senses – smell, sight, touch, audio – or even thinking, especially when we are primarily surrounded by the conventional and mundane. Metaphors, triggered by perpetually morphing suggestive space, liberate our intuitive minds and transcend them into an expansive vast mind-space, empowering quantum leaps and creations of new paradigms.

The proposed addition to the existing structure is a liberated open-ended space, reclaiming an intuitive space within rational offices and conference rooms’ layout, hence impelling distinctive innovation and conception; hence incubating.

It is a dialogue between two polarities in contrasting tension; an environment necessary for the creative act which involves at one end fluid thinking, and on the other end the methodical and rational state. The design intent was to transform the internal courtyard into a landscape of folds and continuous geometries that articulate the life and the interactive functions embedded between the folding surfaces. All surfaces were designed as a sequence of geometric subdivisions and transformations applied to the grid of equilateral triangles. The emerging space between these surfaces manifests in the increased continuity despite its envelope fragmentation.

The dynamic playful character of the surfaces extends from the floor to the wall to the ceiling, creating an unconventional space. Also, many of the spatial relationships located at the central space were a direct abstract mapping of the folding geometry. As a result, the choreography of surfaces and the functions within became interwoven as one integrated biomorphic entity.