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14 03 2012

'In creating film one has to know how to take flight with light and understand the nature of its nature; to become a shadow and converse with ambiguity touching it but never gripping it; to understand the concept of contrasting harmony and how opposites bow to each other and sometimes dance in no less capacity than utterly consumed and locked souls; to travel with raw sound, whispers and sometimes silence itself and meet enchantment yet sense the most silent scream to be the loudest; to adopt the gentle breeze and learn a lesson or two on the prolific powers of gentle sways; to know how to become absolutely drunk and utterly intoxicated on a good conversation; to be able to ride chaos and make good sense of it; to use ice cold that is actually hot and make it unarguably cool; to know men and women who wear their hearts on their faces; to converse with the aura of objects and discover the person within each; to erase the line between genius and insanity and discover how to inexhaustibly deconstruct and reconstruct souls and suspend time in between, …' Khalid Nahhas.

The architecture of the school became an explorative and didactic ground-scape environment capturing deduced emulations of the layers that make up film. The building simply stages different conditions that allow the student to understand a great measure of intangibles or often immeasurable notions, conditions that are best understood intuitively through experience. To claim the majority of the property to landscape, many functions were pushed to sub-grade levels, in turn, giving a non abrasive sculptural disposition of buildings above. The landscape theme is a minimalistic one and where pivotal oasis are introduced as sub-grade light wells, rocks from the Rum desert are staged as mystical elements and reflective pools capture sun rays and rare passing clouds above. Sharing the campus with the main RSICA complex a luxurious boutique concept hotel offering a unique experience about film and film making with a film museum connecting back to the film school, and state-of-the-art three screen public cinemas on the other side of the campus.